Suicide bomber


You know the drill - click on each image to see a larger version (not much larger, but....).

A couple of bombers have a staring contest.

An Arch-Vile blasts a bomber up into the air.

A friendly bomber seeks to rid the world of the evil of Commander Keen.

... but accidentally takes his buddy out doing it.

A zoom-in of one rotation of the bomber. Here's where I "Frankensteined" his body parts from:

Head, upper torso, and legs - Former Human Trooper. Obviously.:)

Right arm & detonator button - Shotgun Guy's arm. The metal detonator button is actually part of the Shotgun Guy's shotgun barrel.

Middle torso (where a Former Human's gun usually is) and left arm - The Innocent Crew's Bazooka Guy from Obituary. Thanks to them for letting me use it. (As long as it's never used for profit. If any of you try to sell this I'll rip your own arm off and use that.:)

Backpack - modified Doom backpack. I thought shrinking it properly was hard, until I did the rotations.:)

(Not pictured) Green explosion - Dan Patanella. You might remember it from his Doom 1 Total Conversion, Gatchaman Doom.

Cord leading from detonator button to backpack - me. It's the only original non-modified part I could do.:)

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