Note: See bottom of page for download instructions.

Suicide bomber for Doom

Those troopers have such weak guns and such little chance of survival, so I have given them the ability to finally gib that blasted Doomguy.:)

Screenshots - Watch them give their lives for a higher cause.

The text file - If a picture is worth a thousand words, here's half a picture.

Camouflage Imp for Doom

You ever play Corridor 7 and get the living daylights scared out of you by those barrel-monsters? No? Well, now relive the fear you never lived in the first place.:)

Screenshot - It's a hard patch to capture in stills, so there's only one pic here, with some descriptions of how I made the patch.

The text file - If you can't see it, maybe you can imagine it.:)

Killable Twitching Corpses for Doom

Put some torture victims out of their misery. Or put them into worse misery.

Screenshots - None this time, sorry.

The text file - I put a monkey in front of a typewriter and look at what he did!

Download instructions

The full MBF-only patch (70K) - Version 1.0; Size: about 70 Kb, includes demo map.

If you don't want to use MBF, you can download the older versions of these three patches. They should* work with anything as far back as Doom2.EXE.

*WARNING: Due to the differences in these patches, they don't work as well as the MBF version. Also, the Keen Imp and Twitcher patches are incompatible with each other. If you leave out one of them, you might get away with it, but don't blame me if it brings Doom to its knees.

Suicide Bomber - Version 0.1; Size: about 50 Kb

Keen Camouflage Imp - Version 0.1; Size: A whopping 9 Kb

Twitching Corpses - Version 0.1; Size: a gargantuan 9 Kb

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