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Where's the Switch? Updated February 12, 2002

Just a blank metal texture to build switches off of. Included is a simple demo switch. Maybe I'll add more later.

Download - Size: 5K, text file included. Not like it's a big one!

Tarnished Oldies Updated December 4, 2000

Two of my older maps. They're not very good, and haven't been edited recently (to keep the newbie flavor). They're not esthetic wonders, so be warned.

The text file - Size: 6K

Download - Size: The most useless 59K on the Internet not devoted to someone's cat.

City of the Fragged Updated December 4, 2000

It's not mine, but I first published it: Dan Patanella's remix of PC Magazine Doom.

The text file - Size: 9K

Download - Size: 364K of urban fragging.

Lovinger Outpost Updated December 4, 2000

Another of Dan Patanella's works. My logs show over 200 people downloaded it from this site. Slavishy follow the crowd and download now!

The text file - Size: 8K

Download - Size: 915K of fragging that isn't urban.

DCK Lighter Updated April 13, 2000

Have DCK? Have a dark monitor? Have trouble seeing the textures DCK shows? Have a second or two to spend downloading a fix? Have at it!

The text file - Size: 3K

Download - Size: 2K - yes, the text file is bigger than the ZIP!

Magic Roundabout MBF Updated December 12, 1999

Ever see Magic Roundabout? How about Magic Roundabout Doom? If you have, then the next line is going to make a lot more sense:

This patch changes MBF's helper dogs into the spring-driven Zebedee from Magic Roundabout. He's also fairly bouncy, and can clear spots normal helper dogs can't.

The text file - Size: 3K

Download - Size: 15K times Pi, give or take 12 bytes. (46K)

A Kind of Magic (for MBF) Updated October 7, 1999

Makes the Plasma Gun and BFG9000 into magical weapons.

The text file - Size: 4K

Download - Size: 9.5 text files (38K)

(Update, March 29, 2003 AD: I forgot to, uh, clean out the WAD file, so it was about 5x larger than it should have been! Old size was 44.5 text files (178K). New size above is a bit better!)

Alternate player sprites Updated September 8, 1999

Just some sprites that can be used for a player or a monster. Enjoy!

Download - Size: About 43K

MBF Timer Barrel Updated September 8, 1999

Picture this: Phobos, 2704. You walk into a room and find yourself surrounded with barrels. You think, "no problem, there's nothing here to trigger them." Suddenly, one barrel - with a digital display attached - starts beeping.




About now you realize that the display is actually a detonator. You turn and run, but it's too late.

:00.... BOOM! The barrel explodes, taking all the other barrels... and you... with it.

Sniff.... I love a happy ending.

Download this patch and Commander Keen will become such a barrel, ready to cause pain for your enjoyment.

Download - Size: About 6K

MBF Beta plasma gun Updated September 8, 1999

While MBF has an easy-to-access classic BFG, the classic plasma gun isn't as easy to access (you need to use the -beta command at the DOS prompt and take ALL the Press Release Beta features). This patch changes that.

Download - Size: About 6K

Flaming Barrel V2.0 for Boom-compatible engines Updated September 5, 1999

You know those flaming skulls? Not the Lost Souls, but that pile of little orange skulls that's sort of floating off of the ground? This patch makes them into a barrel that catches fire like a flaming barrel when shot. Also included is an MBF-only patch that makes flaming barrels "hot", so standing too close to one of them can leave you wishing you hadn't tried warming your hands by the fire.

Download - Size: About 4K

The MBF Random Mancubus BEX Updated September 1, 1999

Are you bored with Mancubi that fire predictable fireballs? Put some spice in your life with this BEX. At the minor visual expense of the Mancubus not turning to face you quite as much while firing, this little BEX file randomizes his firing pattern. Instead of three pairs of fireballs, he fires anywhere from two to six. Possibly more, it's random.

Download - Size: 209 Bytes, marked down from 649 bytes

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