The Patchwork Empire

You've seen it all before. But now, you get to see it all at once. Each of the eleven maps contains a segment of a Doom 1 map, a Doom 2 map, an Evilution map, and a Plutonia map.

UPDATE: March 20, 2000 V1.1 has been released. No new maps, but MAP07 has been relieved of a bug which caused it to not work in Doom V1.9. Many thanks to Opulent for pointing it out.

Speaking of Opulent, he has done a great set of demos for the Patchwork Empire, covering most of the levels. However, he warns that they are just first attempts, and not really polished. Polished or not, IMHO they look great. See below for download.

Screenshots - Like I said, you've seen it all before.

The text file - You've seen most of this before, too.

Download - Version 1.1 (and 23/52nds); Size: 0.5 MB

Opulent's Patchwork Empire Demos (Text file) - You've seen a bit of this before.

Download Opulent's Patchwork Empire Demos - Size: 62 K

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