Math time!

You've answered: Yes, he should.

Sorry, sparky, but you're dead. My numbers tell me that: No, he shouldn't.

The answer is no. Say he suffers 144% damage in MAP02 before he finds any health.

With the 75% blue armor he currently has:

144% damage split between blue armor and health equally. 72% to armor, 72% to health. 75-72 = 3

So, with the blue armor, he'd end up at 3% health and 3% armor. Not very good, but still alive.

Now, if he takes the 100% green armor and suffers the same damage:

144% damage split 1/3 to green armor, 2/3 to health. 144*1/3=48. 144*2/3=96.

75-48 = 27 75-96 = -21

So, with the green armor, he'd end up at -21% health (in other words, dead) but he'd still have 27% armor. (Or, 63% if you stop counting at 0% health.) At least his corpse would look nice when they lowered it into the ground.

So, Bobby made the right choice, scraped through MAP02, then went and kicked Norman's butt for making his levels so hard on I'm Too Young to Die.

For those of you who don't believe me, take a look at this WAD and demo that emulates the situation above with nukage. To run it, just type:

doom2 -file armor.wad -playdemo takearm


doom2 -file armor.wad -playdemo leavearm

You'll note that the player can take 40% more damage if he keeps his 75% blue armor.

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