Hexen Oddities


You know the drill - click on each image to see a larger version (not much larger, but....).

Bridge Builder

Too far to jump.... (Unless you're really lucky.)

... so the fighter uses his brain (didn't think he had one, considering that his belt pegs him as former WWF material)...

... and hammers out a bridge!


Poor guy seems to be cold.... let's cool him down a bit more!

Freeze one Ettin. Repulsion-disk onto fire. Wait 3/4 hour. Serves two.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire....

Notice that ice-boy hasn't shattered yet? This should warm him up!

Or maybe not....

Nothing seems to be working. Let's take him off the fire and see if he'll break then.

And there he goes. As long as he was stuck on the fire sprite, he was indestructible.

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