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Sitemap V2.0

Hello all, welcome to my new (as of early 2005) sitemap, which will (hopefully) be updated more often than the old one. This is just an expanded version of the key. Click here for the actual map. Click here to go back to the index page.

Key: (Hint: When in doubt about an icon, try hovering your mouse over it - the ALT tag that pops up shows the extension of the file.)

htmThe root of the directory. The starting point for one's travels. htmHTML file. zipA compressed file. (Icon inspired by the game Ultimate Wizard.)
jpgA linked image. Example: OMG! Click here! gifAn inline image; displayed on the page. ALT tag in lowercase italics. mp3A sound file. WAV or MP3, typically.
txtA plain old text file, or reasonable facsimile thereof.    
--- Inheritance lines. Shows what's linked to what. Should be familiar to any user of Windows Explorer or a similar GUI.

Go back! Back I say!
This site and everything on it are Copyright (C) Len Pitre 1999 - 2005, unless otherwise noted. So there.
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